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Don't leave me hanging, I want to know more!

What is this game about?

Novicius is an open-adventure game made using Unity which tells a story about a lost traveller and her robot companion.

Who's making this game?

Novicius is being created by a small group of students at the University of Salford, otherwise known as Future Ice Cream Vector.

What platformer will you be releasing on?

Currently on the PC.. And hopefully more.

When will it be released?

You'll have to wait and see! However there is a download link for the current playable prototype in here.

Novicius Download

Download and play our current version of our prototype for Novicius.

The Team

Future Ice Cream Vector

Daniel - AI and QA
Joe - Designer
Michael - Designer and Animator
Stephanie - Artist and Level Designer
Vitor - Gameplay and Rendering